Friday, 3 June 2016

An Introduction to Blob Thing

This is Blob Thing.

This is the very first picture of Blob Thing, taken on his birthday, 31st December 2015, still sitting on the table on which he was lovingly created.

He was made for me by a friend and his happy smile has been accompanying me on trips out recently.  He's been enjoying his little adventures and loves to have his photo taken.

He got a blog post recently about his day out walking near the River Wansbeck.  Here it is.  Feel free to read anything on that blog - lots of gratitude, days out with a camera and some serious things too, usually about transgender issues or religion or autism.  Blob Thing doesn't tend to discuss serious issues.  He's too busy enjoying life and smiling through everything.

He smiled that day.  And he has smiled every day since.

The idea is that I will post one photo of Blob Thing each day.  Because a friend suggested that he deserves to have a blog of his own.  Whether the idea is fulfilled is another matter.  Sometimes there are bound to be days with no photo.  And sometimes there may be more than one photo - I took quite a few of him today in Durham and last week he sat on the stage of the Royal Exchange Theatre and is quite proud of the photo taken of him before he was told that he wasn't allowed to sit there.

Follow the blog.  See a happy face each day and smile back at him.

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