Monday, 6 June 2016

Blob Thing enjoys a Crushed Chilli in Durham

Blob Thing took a trip to Durham last week.  He's planning on showing off lots of pictures of his activities there.  He's never been to Durham before and there's such a lot to see.  It's not just a cathedral and a castle and he was quite pleased about that.  In fact he didn't go to the castle at all and only spent five minutes in the cathedral before wanting to leave.  It's an impressive building but Blob Thing was not particularly excited by being in it and wanted to seek out other things.

While wandering he was pleased to discover the Crushed Chilli Gallery.  He enjoyed looking at all the art, especially the glass, and thought the woman who runs the place, Janet, to be very friendly.

One day he wants to go back and make something simple.  There is a workshop in which you stick glass pieces onto a base and they get fired into coasters or bowls.  He would like to make something for himself or maybe to give it to his creator.

Today's picture is of Blob Thing enjoying the gallery.

Later he found a church he liked more than the cathedral, an exciting graveyard that his person will be blogging about, and a cafe that he wants to go back to.  He even bought himself a badge from the cafe which means he would get a discount for life.

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