Sunday, 23 October 2016

Blob Thing Pushes Barrels And Gets Chained Up At Praed Road

Blob speaks:

This is my 101st blog post.  I was wanting, having posted for the hundredth time, to get back to posting things every single day.  But my person hasn't been doing very well in the last few days.  It's been a real struggle for her head.  I've had to look after her and all our friends are chipping in to caring for her so that her head can get through everything and recover.  Got A Warthog and Amethyst have been doing an excellent job at night, with Portal helping out when they've needed a rest.  Even Buttons and Gerry have been active and have shown that they're worth far more than their weight in stuffing.  I haven't been asking my person to write with me every day but this morning I think it might be good for her.

Yesterday I colluded with my creator and strongly encouraged my person to go on a little adventure.  It was amazing.  We visited the Lady of the North.  I've been to see her before but Winefride hasn't.  She wanted to run out to where it was dangerous.  I think she wanted to stand on the tip of the lady's nose and then roll right down her face.  But it was very steep and I didn't want her to get hurt.  We took some pictures.  I'll show you them one day.  Then we went to Plessey Woods and had a walk in the trees and by the river.  My person walked along a path she possibly wasn't meant to walk on and was very tempted to just keep on walking in the hope that it came out somewhere.  It was very pretty even if we weren't meant to be there.  And then the three of us went out for lunch in a tiny little cafe above a new age shop.  The food was very nice.  I think some people were there to have some kind of readings done by some kind of psychic or intuitive.  My person quite likes tarot cards.  She keeps saying they're pretty.  She doesn't think they are of any use in predicting the future though.

It was a very good adventure yesterday.  I sat on a giant toadstool too.  Winefride had her picture taken with some real fungi and I was very glad that she didn't try to eat them.  She can be crazily bouncy enough without accidentally eating hallucinogenics.  I don't want to imagine Winefride on drugs.  Or even worse, the fungi might have been poisonous and then she would have had to go to hospital.  We were going to hospital anyway but having one member of the family there is quite enough.  Yes, it was a very good adventure and we got home in time to go and see my person's wife in the afternoon.

But that's yesterday and I'm not talking about yesterday today and won't be talking about yesterday tomorrow either.  Today I want to tell you more about another big adventure.  I won't tell you much because my person's head is not coping well and she's finding it hard to focus.  I think she needs a big squish hug from someone special.  Someone special isn't here so she'll just have to have one from Got A Warthog.  He's a very special warthog.  I don't think there are many songs about special warthogs.  Not many.  But there are songs about warthogs of course.  Why wouldn't there be?

Got A Warthog has not got a pink satin dress with blue bows.  I wonder how smart he would look in such beautiful clothes.  It would make me sad if he went out dressed up like that and nasty people insulted him for being a boy warthog in a dress.  Got A Warthog says that he much prefers that warthog song to this one.

He doesn't want me to look further on YouTube for warthog songs because he just spotted a link to something very frightening.  It was a video of a warthog being eaten alive.  Got A Warthog is feeling bad now and has his head hidden under the bed covers.  I hope he'll be okay.  I'm glad that there are so many other friends here because he'll be looked after well.  Yes, here come Stillness and Pain to give him a big cuddle.  Stillness is an elephant.  He was rescued from the shelves of a shop on the same day as Without Names.

So yes.  I was with my person and we had been walking from the centre of Manchester along some water.  We had nearly reached the end of our journey but still had many adventures left.  As we walked we came to an industrial sculpture area.  It was great fun to play on some of the sculptures except I couldn't play as much as I wanted because it was raining and I don't have any waterproof clothes.  We looked in the hiking shop but they didn't have any Blob sized jackets.  Even the extra small ones for human children were far too big for me.

This first photo is rubbish.  I don't know why my person was holding the phone camera at that angle.  I don't want to insult my person, especially when her head is so sore inside.  But it is a rubbish photo.  The best thing in it is me!

The rest of the photos are much better.  It's a big shame that Winefride wasn't with us that day.  She would have loved it there.  She would have been jumping around on everything and would have had so much fun and I would have enjoyed seeing her smile and hearing her excitement.  Maybe one day I can take her there.  She is amazing.  The way she finds joy in nearly every situation is brilliant.  Yes, she can't talk.  Yes, she's severely autistic.  But she's absolutely wonderful.  Of course there was a reason why Winefride didn't come out with us that day.  She hadn't been born yet.  That night when she was born was the most exciting of my life.

I have got a lot to say about these photos.  I have the version of events that my person remembers.  But there's also another version of events that's equally exciting.  Let it just be said that I got completely stuck in the chains.  I couldn't get out and the whole situation got more than a bit fraught.  My person couldn't help me either and she tried everything she could think of.  In the end I was freed through the combined efforts of the fire brigade, the army and a helpful pigeon named Persephone who lent the aid of her beak.

I'd tell you all about it but my person is really not feeling good and she needs to stop typing now.  Hopefully she will have enough energy for my blog again soon.  I might get her to write it for a while rather than me dictating.  I think it helps her when we get into discussions about my adventures.  Especially when she doesn't remember them properly.  And especially when we get sidetracked in our discussions and start writing about other things.

Yes.  Time to stop typing.  My person is very tired.  I hope you enjoy all the pictures.  They've all got me in them.  In my next post I'll tell you about how exciting it was to drive a tank and might tell you about my part in winning a war and how I attached loudspeakers to the top of my tank and played "Give Peace a Chance" and how I adjusted the big gun to shoot white poppies and bubbles.  My tank was the only peace crusader tank in the whole war and when the enemy saw it they laughed and decided that bubbles are better than bullets.  Their country stopped producing bullet guns and everyone got issued with a bubble gun, a sparkly wand, and a kite and the country devoted itself to spreading pacifism.  It's a shame no other country has listened and it's a shame that their country had too many people shouting about how bubbles were for babies and how it was their divine right under God to bear arms because an ancient piece of paper seemed to say so.  Silly people.  They got into power in the end and that country became miserable again.  I might tell you all about that adventure.  If my person lets me.

Enjoy the photos.

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