Sunday, 6 November 2016

Blob Thing And Winefride Nearly Get Arrested On Wrecsam Station

Blob Thing says:

You know what?  I'm a bit cross with my person right now.  I've calmed down a bit from earlier but I'm still a bit cross.  She's trying to make up for things by letting me write a blog post but she made a big mistake today.  Do you know what she did?  Do you?  No, you probably don't.  She went out today and photographed lots of Snowdogs.  She did.  And she forgot to take me and Winefride with her.  There we were, deserted at home in the warm.  And there she was, walking from dog to dog in the pouring rain without us.  She's a bit crazy is our person.  She walked for miles today.  In the rain.  At least she wore her adventure coat.  She says that she realised her mistake when she found her first Snowdog - a really posh one in a suit, suitable perhaps for somewhere like Gosforth.  She found seven Snowdogs today and lots of little dogs too.  And Winefride didn't see any of them.  Neither did I.  And that's not really fair is it?  And some of them were in Jesmond Dene and she's been promising to take us there for ages.  She's saying now that she'll take us on a sunny day and we can go and look at all the other animals there because though the dogs might have gone the birds and the goats will still be there.

So yes.  I'm a bit cross with her tonight.  Next time she goes out she's got to take us with her and she's promised to take us Snowdog hunting this week.  We might even go twice for two long days of hunting.  We're going to shoot them all.  Shoot, shoot, shoot.  Not with a gun.  We haven't got a gun to shoot with.  Partly that's because we don't want a gun.  Partly it's because we don't need a gun.  My person says she used to know a minister who would carry a big gun with him as he travelled between his churches.  He didn't have a car so had to walk, sometimes for more than a day.  And sometimes he would have to use his gun to scare off lions and tigers.  I don't think we will have to scare many lions in Newcastle.  And partly we don't have a gun because of laws.  Some countries have very strange laws and lots of people have guns because ... well, I don't know quite why.  But in some countries there are shootings all the time and I know there aren't many here.  I think it's because somebody once wrote some words on a piece of paper and those words fit a situation in another bit of history.  And then people think those words should be taken to mean only one thing for all time and everyone should be able to have guns even if they haven't got lions to scare.  I think that's why.

My person is telling me to hurry up and get on with my blog and stop talking about guns.  I saw some men who looked a bit like the ones at the bottom of this post.  They were at Newcastle station when Winefride and I were meeting Snowdogs there the other day.  Except these men were carrying big and scary looking guns and the men in the picture later didn't have guns.  I don't like seeing guns.  It scares me.  I have read it's because there might be scary people around.  But the guns scare me and every time I see them I want to cry and hide.  I know guns have good uses, like starting running races, but I don't like them.  Why do people want to shoot and hurt and kill other people?  They are stupid.

My blog.  I want to tell you about Winefride.  I want to tell you about something that happened when she was only one day old.  I'd sat and watched as my person and my creator acted together and created my sister.  They did a very good job.  She's severely autistic and she's wonderful.  She's also got a tumour but it's benign so that's okay.  I think.  I don't really know what a tumour is.  The very next day after Winefride was made we all took her out on an adventure.  We went all the way to another country.  It's the only time I've ever been to another country.  My person says that she used to live there.  The country was called Wales and there were lots of signs in another language.  While we were in Wales we took Winefride to her very first play area.  She enjoyed it so much and squealed and made all kinds of happy noises.  We enjoyed rocking together on this toy.

My creator and my person both had a ride on this toy and it was very funny watching them.  There is a video of my person using it and she rocked back so far that her head nearly collided with the ground!  It was so funny and I laughed until my sides hurt.  I'm glad my sides didn't split.  They're only held together with stitches and I wouldn't want my insides to fall out.

Later Winefride and I met some sheep.  I've already told you about the Welsh sheep.  I think I've even mentioned Uncle Adrian's emergency Welsh sheepdogs who are going to come and herd some as yet non-existent sheep into the sensory room.  I wanted to show you this picture again because I think it shows just how much I love my sister and how much my sister loves me.  I was so happy to have a sister.  And I still am.  My person needs to give my fur a clean sometime.  I can tell that when I look at old photos.

And then it was time to go back to the railway station.  It was called Wrecsam Cyffredinol.  I know that because it says so on the sign.  I posed in front of it and then Winefride came and joined me.  She couldn't read the words but she wanted to be in the picture too and was obviously getting upset that she wasn't in it.  So here we are together.  I am managing to look at the camera - which I don't always manage.  Winefride is looking in completely the wrong direction.  You can see that she didn't have reins then.  If she had then what followed might have been very different.

You see, Winefride was tired.  She was less than a whole day old so that's not surprising.  And she was a bit anxious because there had been so many new things.  And it was quite boring having to wait for yet another train.  This was the fourth one we had waited for that day.

Winefride started to misbehave.  She didn't know better and she was just being her wonderful self but most people would have thought her behaviour inappropriate.  She ran off.  She did.  It was actually quite worrying a couple of times because it took us ages to catch her and she had run too close to the platform edge.  She might have fallen and been run over by a train and that would have been the saddest thing possible for me.

Between the three of us we managed to get Winefride to calm down.  I was good at it because she's my sister.  My creator was very good at it because she knows a lot about autistic children and how to look after them.  She's gifted and skilled.  My person got a bit flustered by the whole thing and a bit worried in case she couldn't look after Winefride properly when we got back to Newcastle.  As it turns out she's done a very good job.  Except today when she forgot to take us out with her.

Winefride had her picture taken by this sign.  I wanted the picture to be taken.  I haven't got a clue what any of it says because it doesn't say anything in a language I speak.  Winefride didn't have a clue either but I think she liked the picture at the bottom and I think she might also have liked the shade of blue.  My person says that she used to pass through a place called Amwythig a lot.

And then.  We only took our eyes of her for a moment.  To look at a bird.  And then Winefride was off again.  Running up and down the platforms and I was chasing after her.  And she was making a lot of noise.  Lots of excited squeals and somehow or other she was flapping too even though she doesn't have anything to flap with.  She was obviously having a very good time.  But the people on the station platform weren't.  She was being very loud.  People were looking at us.  And then they were looking at my person and my creator with very disapproving faces.  I could tell.  Because they were tutting and shaking their heads like it was the end of the world.  And my person and my creator were trying to catch up with Winefride too.  I knew she was having fun but I was worried about her because she obviously didn't have any sense of danger.  How could she when she was a one day old severely autistic soft toy?

And then someone must have called the police because I heard a whistle behind me and I looked and there were two policemen there chasing after us too.  And that was scary.  I called to Winefride and she happened to look back.  And she stopped running.  I don't think it's because she thought she was doing anything wrong.  I think it was just the bright colours of the policemen's jackets that had caught her eye.

The policemen told us to stop moving.  One of them picked me up.  And the other picked up Winefride.

Winefride started to laugh but I was worried because these were policemen.  Actual policemen.  And I thought we were going to be arrested and thrown in a prison and I am scared of prisons.  It doesn't matter whether it's the prison at Hexagon where I was put in the stocks, or the prison I saw near Durham or any other prison.  I don't want to have to go and live in one.

My person and my creator finally caught up with us.  They were out of breath.  I am so thankful.  Especially to my creator.  She explained the situation carefully to the policemen and explained all about autism and about the difficulties it presents.  And she apologised for Winefride's behaviour.  I apologised too.  But Winefride didn't because she can't talk - or doesn't talk - and because she didn't know that she had been behaving in any way out of the ordinary.

The policemen relaxed and then they smiled.  And we were told that we shouldn't behave in such a way again and just this time we wouldn't be arrested.  The policemen were very nice about the whole thing and even let us have our picture taken with them.  Thank you policemen.

I love my sister.  But sometimes living with her can be challenging.  That's okay.  She's more than wonderful anyway.  Even on days when my person forgets to take us out.

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