Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Blob Thing Has Some Extremely Good News To Tell You

During the last week, Blob Thing enjoyed a holiday.  He accompanied his person and they went to stay with his creator for a few days.  Blob had a good time.  He would have had a good time anyway but on the first night of his holiday something amazing happened.  Something he could never had expected.

We are pleased to announce the birth of Winefride on July 21st 2016, sister of Blob Thing.

Blob says:

Yes.  I've got a sister.  Isn't that amazing.  I hadn't even known that it was possible for me to have a sister.  I hadn't even thought that a sister could be born.  Witnessing her birth was a giant privilege.

I have a sister!  I can't tell you how excited I am to have a sister.  It's brilliantly brilliant.  As brilliant as all the facets in the largest diamond in the universe if you added their brilliance together and multiplied by three.  I have a sister!

It was my creator who decided that it was possible and that it could and would happen.  I watched the whole birth process from start to finish, from the choosing of material for my sister to the moment at which my sister came to life and was a living, breathing toy rather than a collection of fabric and stitches and stuffing.  It was a magical experience and I thought back to my own birth and my feelings as a new born Blob Thing and the surprises I've had.  And now I've got a sister and I'm ever so proud of her.  My creator created my sister too but this time she had a lot of help from my person.  My person isn't good at creating but chose Winefride's colour, cut her pieces to size, made some of her face, stitched all the way round her middle to put her together and stuffed her so she's not just a flat circle.  My creator guided my person in how to be a co-creator and she made the rest of Winefride's face.  She also made her dress and her pretty bow.  My creator did a very good job.  Winefride is as perfect a sister as I could imagine.

On Saturday 23rd July, Winefride felt ready to accompany us all on an adventure.  We went a very long way on a train and Winefride was excited by the whole thing.  She hadn't seen a train before.  Or a bus.  Or even a road.  Everything is new to Winefride.  She seems to be enjoying it all and have a real lust to experience things.  She is just jumping into life.  And she smiles and smiles and joy beams from her face when she's finding something new.  She's wonderful.  She can't talk, or doesn't talk.  But she's wonderful.  I love her.  I love her.  I have a sister!

On our adventure we found a play park.  It was fantastic.  It was quite deserted and we have ever such a long time.  I played and Winefride played and my creator played and my person played too.  My person allowed herself to enjoy herself and had ten rides on the zip wire and found to her surprise that being swung on the round swing felt good.  She had a smile almost as big as mine, which was very good to see.

Here are Winefride and I on one of the play things in the park.  It was a lot of fun.  My creator had a go to and then my person was brave enough to try even though it sprung back so far that she nearly bumped her head.  My creator made a video of my person enjoying it.

A close up.  Look how excellent Winefride is.  I love her.  I've got a sister!  She's younger than me but she's bigger than me.  It's funny how that happened.

It's also funny that Winefride has a name that people might think is a much more proper name than Blob Thing.  I wonder what my name would be if I wasn't called Blob Thing.  But I am called Blob Thing so that's that.  Winefride was named after Saint Winefride, who had her head chopped off by a nasty man and then had it magically reattached to her dead corpse by Saint Beuno.  It's a good story and it's got a holy well in it too.  For some reason my person kept talking about Saint Winefride and other stories while doing the sewing.  And Winefride seemed like a good name for my sister.  I've got a sister!  I am so so so excited!

Later in the day Winefride and I were able to sit together on not just one sheep but on two sheep.  We've got some more pictures to show you of the weekend and we think one of them is very funny.  They were such nice men!  But that's for another day.  We've got a video too of us dancing with a red panda.  That was a lot of fun.  But for now here is a picture of us on one of the sheep.

And here is a picture of us on another sheep.  I love this picture.  I love my sister.  She's amazing.  She finds joy in her life.  At least, for a few days.  She's only young.  She was born five days ago.  And she's already adventuring.  I don't know if she'll want to come out as much as me.  We'll find out.  We're only just beginning to get to know Winefride.  Like I said before, she can't or doesn't talk.  I think she's autistic too.  But different to me.  All autistic people are different.  I think she's non-verbal.  That's okay.  I hope she doesn't get overwhelmed as easily as I can or my person can.  That would be a bit sad.  I think Winefride is that best sister in the entire world.

The next day we all went to a lake.  We had been meaning to go somewhere else.  To buy boots from a car or something like that but the place we were going didn't exist so we couldn't go to it and we didn't quite know what to do but then this lake appeared and it was very nice and it shows that even when things go wrong, life can have a way of giving you something just as good.

Here's Winefride by the lake with some ducks in the background.  We had a good time.  My person got very worried in case Winefride fell in and drowned.  She likes to be careful with us but that didn't stop me falling off something the day after Winefride was born and she was resting in the house from being born.  Being born is quite tiring.  I fell off and there's a photo of me falling off.  Fortunately I wasn't hurt and didn't fall into a lake.  I wouldn't want Winefride to fall into a lake.  I love my sister.

Yes.  That's my sister.  I am proud of her.  And I am very very extremely very happy that she is part of my life now.  I thought my life was amazing.  It just got more amazing.  I have a sister.

Isn't that the most brilliant thing you've heard in a very long time?

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